Politics and Elections

And why it won’t work

Surrender of Detroit by John Forrester; Wikipedia

I’m going into my third year on Medium. I’ve just responded to another Medium contributor who believes the abolishment of the electoral college is the cure for American politics. Probably for the 10th time, maybe 15th, I’ve added my perspectives in the comment section. I seem to be repeating myself. Maybe it’s time to get all my thoughts on this topic under one article.

Predictably, the Medium contributor pointed to the 2000 and 2016 elections as the main reason. That’s when Al Gore and Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, but lost the electoral college, thus giving the presidency to…

Lessons from the Ultra Left?

By Source, Fair use, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=13153668

I had heard about “The Shock Doctrine” many years ago. But I somehow easily lumped this book’s author, Naomi Klein, as a spokesperson for the ultra-Left. And, in my opinion, the ultra-Left has one thing in common with the ultra-Right: neither know how to run a well functioning society. So I had no inclination of reading this book regardless of how popular it had become.

Then a Medium contributor who I have been following, Vitoria Nunes, recommended the book to me. She told me that Klein is a Marxist with some interesting stories.

“Marxist?” I thought. Admittedly I have not…

Lesson from the Trump Defence Team

Photo by Hasan Almasi on Unsplash

I’m going to give some credit to a Trump video. For the impeachment hearing in the Senate, his defence team put together a masterful collage of Democrats — in a public setting — using the word “fight” over and over and over again. I believe the team’s goal was to “prove” that such rhetoric is part of normal politics and Mr. Trump was only just playing the same game as the Democrats. A clever spin indeed, but there is something else in that message, which triggered this essay.

Let’s ask ourselves: “Why are we fighting so much? Is there not…

If you have come to this Medium webpage, I thank you for your patience and trust for letting me take you through this story. This epilogue will just provide the history to this novel, which includes the reason for its tragic end.

November 2018 was a pivotal month in the history of Tiered Democratic Governance. A year previously I had rewritten the TDG book, enhanced the website, and put together an ebook. My inspiration was the ascendency of Donald J Trump to the 45th president of the United States. …

The Assasination of Thelma Delgers

Year 8, Week 20

This is Joshua Jerimiah, Thelma’s husband. I guess I’m the most appropriate person to put the last entry into Thelma’s diary.

Thelma and I went to auditorium of the Cochrane Elementary School for a TDG public meeting. About 150 people attended. I sat in the back row and marvelled at how good my wife was with her TDG work. She was very captivating with her speech. She could exude her TDG experience of the last eight years into the heart and mind of someone new to the TDG. …

Life is Great! / Meeting my Husband

Year 8, Week 17

I was really loving my marriage. Joshua and I were often fixing up a little house and yard. I really had found my life partner.

I need only three more accounting courses to finish my accounting diploma. I am looking forward to a bigger challenge in the accounting profession.

I am still the treasurer for the Riverbend Women’s shelter. The board has always worked well together. But it seems our meetings are shorter. Maybe I brought some of that TDG spirit to this board. It’s a good functional group that is running this non-profit society. …

Hate Mail / Activating the Activists

Year 8, Week 16

Riverbend TDG and Battenor Ecological Society bought a full-page ad in the Riverbend Times asking the three levels of government to work together for this cause. And about 20 joint letters were sent out with names of both organizations.

After eight years, our TDG just made its first foray into real-world politics.

In drafting the ad and letters, Pamela said Jane was easy to work with. How odd!

Shortly after the ad, the director of the Women’s Shelter called me: “Thelma, there’s a letter here addressed to you.”

I came and opened the envelope. Inside was…

Another TDG Party / First TDG Introduction

Year 8, Week 15

Our executive committee made a trip to Joosemin to celebrate Joosemin coming under one TDG. It was a good party — and we were formally introduced to the large crowd.

Rich was humbly basking in glory. It was five years, many meetings, and his efforts that kept things in motion. His wife Emily was at his side all evening.

Strange, Rich let others do most of the work. Mostly he was just there. He and Holger really understood how the TDG was going to be built. The rest of us just absorbed their innate knowledge.


Moving the TDG Forward/First Real Boyfriend

Year 8, Week 14

The executive committee decided Mustafa, Orville, and I would finish the application for our non-profit society.

And we unanimously decided to support the Battenor Ecological Society in its quest to get state and federal funding to clean up the creosote plant. I recused myself from the vote as I was associated with the Battenor Ecological Society. The other six members supported the initiative. And we allocated $500 to this project.

Bureaucracy Recedes / Moving Higher

Year 8, Week 13

We got a letter from Corporate Affairs from the state capital.

Dear Ms. Delgers

We have reversed our decision to grant the Riverbend TDG a non-profit society designation. After further discussion, your electoral rules — although unusual — are democratic in nature. Your many bylaws are acceptable to this office.

There are some more forms to fill out, and copies of your bylaws will need to be registered properly. We believe that legislative approval is forthcoming.

We will be watching your organization and this new way.


Abraham Hunter


Corporate Affairs

State of ______


Dave Volek

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit http://www.tiereddemocraticgovernance.org/tdg.php

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