Alex Crisafulli

It would be interesting to read this article prior to January 6. Just to see how good of a political fortune teller you really are.

But this may be a moot point. Anything was possible with this fellow in office. Something like January 6 was foreseeable back in 2016.

I see there is only 136 claps, for what I consider should have been one of the better political articles on Medium. Not only did this article give a viable prediction to the future, it also reported that authorties were not blind to this possibility. The 136 claps speaks to the failure of Medium to find and promote the more important articles.

My question is if the authorities already kind of knew about January 6, why wasn't there a bigger police presence at the Capital?

Somehow, I'm not buying the excuse that they believed that a bunch of middle-aged white guys would only have a peaceful protest. It seems this riot was more planned than the mainstream media likes to portray. The upcoming investigating is likely to give us a more interesting story.

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