All elections have a bit of fraud. And that fraud is done by both parties. I have written a Medium article on this:

These things happen. But the media I've been watching have to careful say "Not enough fraud to effect the final result." Yes, poll workers can cheat a little. But it's hard to cheat thousands and thousands of votes in this way.

While your compilation is compelling, most of it seems to be hearsay evidence that can be easily debunked. For example, a precinct that had 120% voter turnout would certainly raise a lot of eyebrows and controversy. I can't imagine why Foxx News would not report AND RUN on this story--unless it is just another hearsay story that cannot be verified with other facts.

Maybe the "stop the steal" people should be putting the blame on the lawyers for presenting such poor cases. I saw one video clip of a Guilani witness who seemed to have been picked up from the bar parking lot after closing time. Sorry, but when such witnesses find their way to the stand, they tend to give the impression the legal team does not know what it is doing. More credible witnesses are too easily brushed aside.

Let's assume I am a football coach. I am preparing a team for the game: conditioning, skills, and strategy.

Our first pocession is at our own 10-yard line. We end up punting the ball away. No big deal; it happens. Second pocession: same thing.

During the season, my team is placed in this situation 50 times. We made a couple of first downs. But no touchdowns. No field goal position.

Should we not be suprised that I get fired! Oh, I can certainly blame the referees. I can point to all sorts of plays where the refs made bad calls or didn't make good calls. But the team is only 2 for 50 in getting a first down, how long is blaming the refs really last?

The inability of the legal team to find and present credible evidence of election fraud--sufficient to the point overturning the election in a swing state--speaks to the mismanagement skills of the Trump presidency.

Especially when he has been stating for four years the elections are rigged--and could have done something about it in all this time.

The election authorities would undoubtedly be adjusting their practices (they do after every election) to ensure the elections are more fair and perceived fairly. But for now, the results are in the history books.

If one really believes the election was stolen, then better strategies from the R side need to be employed in the next round. May I suggest body cameras for all Republican poll watchers? That would give you guys much better than hearsay evidence.

And Mr. Trump has his hands on $204m. He could buy many body cameras with that fund.

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit

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