Stephen Harper’s situation was more to do with our Canadian electoral system. He was not elected by the people, but by the people in his contituency. The Liberals had 184 seats; the Conservatives had 99. There is no way any proven cheating could have turned 43 Liberal seats to the Conservative way. Mr. Harper will still be well regarded in the history books of Canadian prime ministers.

BTW, the popular votes was much closer: 6.9 m for the Libs, 5.9 m for the Cons.

Part of Mr. Trump’s problem is that he needs to flip at least two seats (Pensylvaia and Georgia) to have a shot. With Michigan, he needed to flip three. This is a pretty formidable legal challenge, even for the best of legal teams — and in such a short time frame.

I would wager that the Clinton campaign saw a similar challenge in 2016. They probably had some evidence of R cheating, but they knew they could not turned three states even if they could prove this cheating. It was a wise choice to walk away from this fight. Proving cheating and proving that cheating affected the final results are two games played in two different ballparks.

Mr. Gore managed to get his case heard in the Supreme Court. Perhaps an important factor was there was only one state that could be disputed — and that one state was enough to flip the presidency. The other 49 states did not matter after Election Day, regardless of whatever cheating was done. It was pointless for the R’s or D’s to take any claims of cheating to SCOTUS from the other 49. At the end of the day, Mr. Gore put up a reasonable challenge and lost. He stepped aside.

Mr Trump put three of the judges on the SCOTUS bench. All three would not support the “Texas” motion. Were they corrupted? Or just practicing good law? The fact that the three judges went against the Texan motion is a good sign that they will not make law based on partisanship, which bodes well for the acceptance of there next big decision. If anything, the institution of SCOTUS has been preserved in these troubling times. Can you imagine the riots if Texas could indeed overturn the election in Pennsylvania? Can you imagine the precedent that would be set? Any state could overturn any other state? Is that the USA you really want?

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit

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