As someone who believes in UBI, I found this article a little difficult to digest. For example, the NIT and wage subsidy were not comprehensible to me.

Maybe I’m trying to do my usual skim reading of several Medium articles this morning. Maybe this articles requires more attention than I can afford to give. In this senses, this article needs to be better written.

Or maybe, I already have my own opinions on how to implement a UBI. I don’t need to hear another convoluted theory. My advice: START SLOWLY!

In my part of the world, a single person should be able to live reasonably comfortably with about $1200 a month: basic one-bedroom apartment, food, utilities, and a little entertainment.

If a UBI immediately provides $1200 a month, there is no doubt in my mind that a significant minority of low-wage workers are going to drop out of the workforce: why work at a crappy job when your basic needs are met? This means a lot of work that our economy requires to be done will not be done. There will be great economic ramifications if a UBI is implemented full force.

So start with a UBI of about $200 a month. The low wage workers will not quit their jobs. They will have some extra money, which they are likely to spend locally.

The sociologists and economists should be watching the changes to this $200 UBI to ensure the transition is going smoothly. As time passes, the UBI should be increased slowly. For example, $50 a month raise for each year.

As the UBI becomes a greater part of the income for the lower classes, social program benefits should be reduced, and social programs should be phased out.

In time, the UBI becomes the dominant social program. There will be fewer and wiser additional social programs to address the needs a UBI cannot.

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit

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