Back in my political days, elected officials would say something like: "I consulted with people in my constiuency and they said _________" .With this kind of statement, it gave the impression the elected official was engaging with his/her voters.

But being in the back rooms, I kind of knew the official was usually just talking to his constiuency board. Yes, they were residents in his constiuency, but they were not exactly representative of that constiuency.

The first loyalty of any politician is to the party. The voters might be a distant second.

And the voters are often not very united on much anyways. This gives the elected official a lot of freedom to believe whatever he wants about the voters.

Umair Haque is still doing his daily rant of the society is collapsing--while not really offering much of a solution. Well, actually, he does have a solution or two. His essays on eudanomics are quite interesting. But he never mentions these ideas. Blaming Trump and Brexit voters is what gives him a good Medium paycheck.

So, Shelley, are you a dystopian like Umair? Or you looking for a possible solution?

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit

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