The best Medium articles (in my opinion) is from the Atlantic.

This article basically describes the current social structure of the USA and other western countries. This structure is untenable in the long term.

With that aristocracy is the political class. (Maybe they are the same?). It is hard for average people to have much say in political affairs--other than vote or protest.

And it is hard for average people to move up the ladder. A few can and do, but that vision is not there for most of us.

I have an ulterior motive for being on Medium. After spending six years in a Canadian political party, I came to the conclusion that this system is dysfunctional.

But somehow I invented another system--where average people can truly participate and rise up. I've been working on this for 23 years.

Last year, I wrote a novel of how the early builders will start building this system. Len Pash is an unemployed factory worker. With more time on his hands, he joins this movement and finds himself an important contributor.

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