I've enjoyed the few times we have "locked horns". My TDG has been refined over the years by comments like yours.

And I certaintly have enjoyed your effort to point some fallacies of writers who are 1) "hair on fire" and 2) those who need to think things through another level of ramifications.

Medium is the best forum I've come across in terms of intellect. There are far fewer whackos here than on most other places. But that in-depth analysis and you and I appreciate is mostly not here.

What I have gleaned is that most Medium writers have some kind of ulterior motive (myself included). On other forums, the writers have no pretensions of parlaying their workings into something bigger.

But after two years, I might have found 10 cheerleaders for my TDG concept. But no doers!

I am going to put up my second TDG novel after Christmas. I have divided the book into 27 excerpts. Maybe something tangible might happen, but I won't be surprised if not. That'll be my swan song on Medium. End of January.

I am building another education simulation: players will roleplay politicians trying to manage a pandemic. This simulation can be built cheap, but has potential of popularity. If so, there'll be some TDG ads to lead players to the TDG concept. Maybe that's how I will find my builders.

I think it was you who mentioned "Political Order and Political Decay". I finished Volume 2 about a month ago--and wrote a review:

The Medium gods do not like this article to put it on many feeds. Six hours wasted!

All the best.

Dave Volek

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit

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