Fred-Rik: As you know, I grab on other people’s articles to promote my TDG. If I can do it, so too can you do it.

I get more traction on other articles than posting original articles. The Medium algorithms haven’t yet given me the “big exposure.”

I’m here for a few more months. If no traction, time to put the TDG back on the shelf.

I think anything that gets people talking about changing political structures is valuable. There is a movement in the USA called Confederation of States. The way the USA is legally structured, 3/4 of the states can enforce a change in the constitution — president and Congress have little say legally. This group wants to reduce federal control.

Canada is a bit of an oxymoron. It still has the FPTP structure, which should lead to two political parties. But since the 1920s, there have been at least three viable parties, with a few regional based parties. I cannot explain why those third parties still have enough appeal to be players in our affairs.

For those of us Canadians really watching the forum for electoral reform, proportional representation seemed the most likely way to go. We are very self critical when a party gets 40% of the votes and 70% of the seats. “It’s wrong,” we say. But when we are offered a chance to change it, we reject it.

The optics were not good in the way the Canadian government tried to make its changes. But I think Mr. Trudeau realized that even improving the optics was not going to help.

The province of British Columbia has had three referendums in 20 years to change from FPTP to PR. Even the political parties want this change. Yet the people rejected it.

The province of Prince Edward Island wanted to introduce a ranked ballot. The citizens — at least the vocal ones — got so vile at the public forums the government had to suspend this idea.

These are things I cannot explain why.

And if Canadians cannot make these kinds of changes, there seems to be no hope for my TDG, right?

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit

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