Fred-Rik: I have already wrote and posted a Medium article that should answer some of your questions. I think you will appreciate this piece:

Canada is confusing for me. Three viable political parties (or more) and an Westminster electoral system don’t seem to be logical seatmates in a quest for power. Yet Canada has just that. I can’t explain it.

And it is interesting how Canadians have modeled their society closer to the Nordic countries than the USA and UK. Westminster systems can produce “progressive” nations. In some ways, the electoral system really doesn’t matter as much as we think. There is a lot more to democracy than voting and elections and politicians.

The article in the above link gives an important reason why we need to get rid of political parties. I will just provide another here:

Political parties may ostensibly be offering a platform for the voters to judge them on. But there is a lot of power accumulation going on inside of political parties. Nearly all active party members are engaged in a competition to rise higher in the party. And that means some active party members need to be cast aside. There is only so much room at the top (or even on the ridges leading to the top). Political parties actually discourage many people from participating in politics, leaving the field only for those who have resources to partipate in the hassles of politics. The party structure reduces the competition for status, influence, and power. It encourages most of us just to be spectators.

This culture of power accumulation — even if it is mostly civil — is a serious impediment. Political parties bring this culture to government, which then brings it to general society. I see nothing in proportional representation that removes this culture.

Until we get rid of this culture of power accumulation, our civilization cannot rise higher.

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit

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