“Gulag” used to be on my bucket list, but the length is too much for my busy life. Great that you could summarize it for me — and with the context of Mr. Petersen.

Mr. Peterson comes from Fairview, Alberta, probably about a 10-hour drive from where I live. As someone who has done some oilfield work in the north, I found “Peace Country” has a different culture from where I grew up. I think it had to with agricultural settlement circa 1920 was much more brutal in the north than the south. The government and supply lines were thin is those days in the north. People had to figure out things for themselves — or starve. It was a hard place to leave if one did not have money.

Some of Mr. Peterson’s musings are quite interesting and useful. But his obsession with socialism →gulags →genocide are not really defensible. In 1969, Canada moved its health care system from private to public. In other words, a significant part of our economy went from capitalist to socialist. That was 51 years ago. No gulags, no genocide. But maybe these are being covered up in the media controlled by the socialist government, which has yet to censure Mr. Petersen.

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