Hey Umair readers!

I think we’ve heard capitalism-is-bad mantra from Umair in too many ways, which seem to be more or less the same way each time.

Karl Marx kind of predicted the fall of capitalism. In a nutshell, the competitive forces of business will find ways to reduce prices, which often means reducing wages. Eventually wages will decrease to the point where the workers can no longer afford to buy the things businesses are trying to sell to them. And those things could be food and shelter. When workers get so unhealthy they can no longer work, then businesses have no one to make the widgets. That made sense to me. So why hasn’t capitalism failed long before Umair came around to tell us it is failing?

The answer is in the Year 1848. This was the year where Marx’s predictions were starting to come true. People protested violently in the streets, simply because they saw no bright future in their bleak life other than being cogs of the Industrial Revolution to be discarded when their bodies broke down.

Something remarkable happened! The powerful people gave some of their power to the people. Then we started getting various progressive causes implemented into society like basic education for children of all economic classes, labor unions, workplace safety, and wages that got many workers out of tenement housing. Some political influence moved from the wealthy aristocracies to the common people. 1848 was great year (except for all those protesters who got killed or jailed)!

So what has been Umair’s solution in all his musings? Why, it is to elect Elizabeth Warren as president of the USA. If she is elected, Umair and other Warren fans can sit back in their recliners and pat themselves on the back for their political involvement.

My only concern is that if she is elected, she will be viciously hated by 40% of Americans and probably preside over the recession that seems to be coming to her country. She won’t accomplish much, just like that last fellow who promised hope and change and had his fans to chant his way into power.

To be fair to Umair, he does have interesting articles on his “eudonomics.” I recommend his fans to read those articles. They are ideals worth striving for. But like other writers of utopias, Umair has no plan to go from HERE to THERE. But Umair is not writing much about his eudonomics. He is writing about the upcoming dystopia. I think he makes more money on this topic than his eudonomics.

I have my own utopia: Tiered Democratic Governance. This system does away with political parties. We vote based on good character and capacity for governance. Representatives rise to the higher levels based on the performance in the lower levels. Every neighborhood will have someone living close by to represent them in government.

And Chapter 6 describes how we move from HERE to THERE.

The bad news is that 1% of the population will have to get off their butt and work for it. But that 1% can also write the world’s future.

It’s all up to you, Umair reader!

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit http://www.tiereddemocraticgovernance.org/tdg.php

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