How to Earn my Follow, my Read, my Clap

And my comment, my highlight, my link, and my Medium shekel

Dave Volek
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After four years on Medium, I have developed some habits as to how I promote other contributors. I will just detail these habits for you. They might be useful to you. Maybe this article might inspire you to write a similar article to tell others of your own Medium habits. We can learn from each other.

Grades of Writers

I have divided Medium contributors into three groups: (1) competent, (2) good, and (3) great.

Nearly all Medium contributors are, at least, competent. They can explain complicated things reasonably well.

Very few Medium contributors fall below this level. So I don’t really need to create an “incompetent” category.

Many contributors are “good.” They have developed advanced skills and writing approaches to move readers more into their work. I have seen a few writers move from competent to good over the years. Practice — with or without coaching — seems to help.

“Great” writers are those who I see having an edge with wordsmithing to someday be paid well for their writing. Only one writer on Medium has earned my “great” designation. Maybe there are a couple of more who might move from “good” to “great” soon.

Earning my Follow

Competent and higher Medium contributors can earn my follow in one of three ways:

1. I can see, in their articles, they are teaching me something new and valuable. Or they have interesting, sensible, innovative perspectives that I have not heard before.

2. I can see, in our dialogue, that the Medium contributor can see/think beyond platitudes and ideologies. But engagement with me is necessary to earn a follow in this way.

3. I will also follow those contributors who have shown some interest and sympathy toward my alternative democracy, which is my main reason for being on Medium. A professional marketer would call this “a prospect that needs some repeated exposure.”

Currently I am following 340 contributors. I estimate that 250 are no longer active on Medium. But it seems that about 25 of my remaining…



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