I am one of the few that predicted a Trump presidency was possible fairly early: in the early parts of the R 2016 primary.

The antics we see in the White House are just a reflection of his personal life, the R primary, and the general election. No one should be surprised.

What I am finding surprising is that the base who elected him is sticking with him. I thought there would be a slow decline.

My current hypothesis is that if Mr. Biden gets elected, Mr. Trump will still be chirping from the sidelines, blaming everything on Obama and Biden. The T base will lap it up — and stay fully intact for 2024. Which then times well to your prediction of 2028.

So I believe the best course of action for the USA is to let Mr. Trump try to clean up his own mess. He will fail, and enough of his base will depart (but I’ve been wrong before) so that he and his successor become a political liability for the R party. Then in 2024, the D’s can win the presidency and will be given enough political room to effect some needed reforms.

And another four years of Mr. Trump will be better for my book sales. I’m proposing an alternative system of governance. In this system, Mr. Trump would not rise very high. Mr. Biden and Ms. Clinton would have been retired before their expiry date.

In the meantime, write a few essays on your 2028 predictions. See where they go.

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit http://www.tiereddemocraticgovernance.org/tdg.php

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