I couldn’t finish this Umair article. Rambling. Sensationalist. Not a good piece.

“How to Understand the American Mind” is mostly about why 2019 Americas still cling to an outmoded model of governance from 1787.

As if there is no other form of government humanity can invent. To quote Dr. Phil: “How’s it working for you?”

“Not good” nearly all Americans will say, Umair included.

Then Mr. Einstein suggests: “Maybe you should change it?”

“No way” shout Americans, Umair included. “We need only change the politicians.”

And in the back rooms, the Deep State players secretly applaud Umair’s work. He has no solution.

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit http://www.tiereddemocraticgovernance.org/tdg.php

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