I kind of think many writers on Medium are already pretty good writers for the topics they write about.

There are just so many more opportunities to write than there was 100 years ago. So there is more competition. How many more books do we really need about Mr. Trump?

On one G+ group, I encountered a political writer who was trying to break into the fray of being an acknowledged Washington observer. I will concur that he did have interesting angles to many political stories that were not easy to find from the more recognized observers. He was a good writer. He was different. What will make him eventually stand out? I don’t know. But he is keeping on. Sometimes persistence is the magic tool. And when I look at other successful people in life, I find persistence, not raw talent, as the most common attribute.

I have been working on a project for the last 21 years: replacing western democracy with a system that has no political parties. In this time, I can say my writing skills have improved. But I don’t think improving them more is going to help me find my audience.

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit http://www.tiereddemocraticgovernance.org/tdg.php

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