I recently saw a documentary about Reba McIntyre, a famous country singer in the USA. She had a profound point, which I shall paraphrase:

"There are many great country singers out there. Some are better than me. But few are willing to go that extra mile."

Of course, the journalist had to ask: "What is that extra mile?"

Reba replied, "It means not attending an aunt or uncle's funeral. It means not seeing your kids for two months. It means missing many birthdays and special life moments of your children. It means not getting to know your neighbors. You can't be on tour or in the recording studio with all these other things taking priority."

"Would you do the same thing again?"

"I'm not sure."


When a creative person reaches that point of fame and wealth, there is usually a big price that was paid.

Some have found a reasonable balance. I suspect many have not.

Martin Kerr is a Canadian folk singer who has found a balance. He is a good artist. He said he makes a reasonable with his craft. If he were to take his art to a higher level, the family life would suffer.


He doesn't travel much out of Western Canada.


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