I took a look at Chusudovsky video.

Having been inside party politics and seen how decisions are made, I don't think there really is a master plan at work. The response to Covid-19 is more of a knee-jerk reaction than a few middle-aged white guys trying to control the world.

Having said that, the world may indeed end up as a Rollerball society--with those middle-aged white guys in control.


I have read Mr. Lees' book. He contends that 86% of the population is really incapable of digesting the various stimuli to cast a wise voting decision. I'm not sure where he got this 86% figure from, but he's probably close. His solution is to have the 14% form some kind of direct democracy where they vote and decide things for the 86%. Not only he is rather vague on the details of this system, he believes it will only come about after a total collapse.

If we are talking about 1984, then I would suggest paying close attention to the Orwellian proportions of 85% proles, 13% outer party, and 2% inner party. The 2% get the most, the 13% get crumbs, and 85% are just tools. I think we see this pattern in other societies than just 1984. Here is one of my favorite Medium articles:


The aristocracy strives to protest itself. And if one reads Fukuyama's "Political Order," when this aristocracy gets too entrenched, that is when society decays, regardless of where that society is on the democracy/oligarchy paradigm.

Prof. Chussudovsky calls us to challenge the emerging powers. But he seems to be vague on details on how to do this. While I have not encountered much of his work, I suspect he too has no solution.

I say that because there are many other sirens. Medium has two popular left-of-center writers Umair Haque and Lauren Martinchek who write sky-is-falling articles. But other than unelecting Mr. Trump, there is no solution from either. And there are a few other left-of-center writers here as well.

So we have Chussodovsky who is saying Covid 19 is overblown and these two people saying we haven't taken Covid serious enough. Both sides are playing to Mr. Lees' 86% to do something--which will then lead more knee-jerk decisions.

Since 1997, I have been promoting an alternative system of democratic governance. I say that it should alleviate many of the ills thinkers like you and Mr. Lees have identified. I believe this TDG will put "commerce" in a proper and less influential place in society. My book is worthy of a 3-hour read for those truly looking for alternatives.

I have been on Medium for 16 months. I maybe have found 10 cheerleaders for this system. But not one can be bothered to pass their find to their social circles. In other words, the TDG is not going viral.

If I believed in conspiracy theories, I would claim that the powers are deliberating trying to ensure my Medium articles and my TDG do not go very far. Rather, I believe that the masses--and most of Mr. Lees' 14% are looking in the wrong places.


So are you going to inspect my system--or just complain about the current system?

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit http://www.tiereddemocraticgovernance.org/tdg.php

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