"If polling doesn’t work, then we are flying blind."

Bunk! The polls told us that Biden was ahead by a few percentage points, and that's what Election Day revealed. The polls said a close race, and that's what we got.

If we want pollsters to be precise to the the one hundredth of a percentage point in all 50 states, that is asking way too much from pollsters. Maybe they need to sample everyone?

In 2016, any objective person who was looking at the polls saw a close race and Mr. Trump could win the election. Anyone who believed the Ms. Clinton had the election in the bag was wearing rose tinted glasses.

This is like trying to predict the winner of two equal basketball teams. The polls will tell you these teams are equal. But if you want to believe the polls are telling your team will win, that does not give you the right to blame the pollster if your team loses.

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