In 1984, Senator Gary Hart was set to win the D primary and probably the presidency when a reporter found out he spent a few hours on small boat with a young women. That was the end of a political career.

Times changed.

In 1998, a president could have an affair in the Oval Office, lie about it, lie under oath about it, sort of apologize later, and continue on-----because his political party could not find the stones to send him packing. The party still gives this fellow the spotlight whenever it can. It has learned nothing!

There is a big connection between the Clinton affair and having someone like Mr. Trump come later.

I've got about 4000 comments on Medium. Some of them are about that USA should be thankful for Mr. Trump to teach an important lesson. The next populist political leader will be much smarter.

I really thought that Mr. Trump's vote count would decrease between the two elections. His four years in the White House proved he was incompent for the job. Instead, he got another 12m votes. Not a good sign at all.

There is no black-and-white answer to putting Trump and cronies in front of many judges in the next four years. Do nothing, and they will be emboldened for next time. Throw all the law books at them, they will claim persecution--and build the fervor of their base. I feel sorry for BIden and team and bureacrarcies trying to find that right balance. They probably won't get it right.

Despite Mr. Trump's meagre acceptance of electoral reality (without having to admit he lost), there still may be more drama to be played out. More Wacos by dedicated supporters? We'll know by January 20.

The system is broken. The 1998 decision by the Democrat Party not to convict Mr. Clinton has come home to roost. Biden and team may be able to hold things together for the next decade, but we should have no higher expectations than that.

We need to build an entirely new system.


Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit

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