In 2015 in Canada, conservative prime minister Steven Harper called an election. The polls looked good for another majority government. Then Mr. Harper made "crime and punishment" as a main campaign platform. More police, more jails. Except all the stats said crime rates in Canada have been dropping since 1990. Mr. Harper had been prime minister since 2006--and maybe he had something to do with that. Or at least he could have claimed some credit. But no, he went against the stats, tried to stoke unnecessary fear for political gain--and the Canadian voters put someone else in charge.

I'm not so sure the good trends will continue with Mr. Trump continuing at the helm of the USA. Mr. Trump is a societal disrupter. Mr Harper and Mr Bush are not.

But I don't think Mr. Trump is smart enough to pull off a coup. But lately he has been showing signs that he might be learning the tricks. I worry more about the next populist American leader, who will be watching what Mr. TRump has done right or wrong in changing the psyche of the USA. This leader will know something about history and psychology and socioligy. This leader will put together a compent team "to get things done."

Mr. Biden and crew will not fix things. We may have turned stove down a little, but the pot is still simmering. It is time for Americans to consider a new way.

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit

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