In contrast to Mr. Crawford, I too was wondering about a perceived corruption between Burisma and Mr. Biden. When I look at Hunter Biden’s resume on Wikipedia, he has done nothing in life to earn a $50,000 a month salary. It is doubtful any American energy company would take him on as a director. It seems to me that he only got the job because he was the VP’s son.

Mr. Crawford tried to explain to me why Hunter Biden was there. Something to do with legal knowledge of derivatives, I believe. To many, this is a bit of a shady business to start with. But I see nothing in the resume that Biden Jr. has made a career about this aspect of finance. He might know just a little more than I for all we know.

Mr. Crawford may indeed be right on this issue. But the perception is still hanging around — and I see nothing being put out in the press to alleviate it. In fact, I’m amazed that more people are not asking questions. I guess we are too focused on the impeachment and bringing Mr. Trump down. That is what is important, right?

Mr. Crawford does not understand that there are more people like me who won’t take simple explanations at face value. Rightly or wrongly, Mr. Biden has become a liability to the D party. It’s not hard to imagine that Mr. Trump will base his entire campaign on the cushy job Hunter Biden got because his dad was the VP. A lot of soft D supporters will stay home on election day.

According to the article, the D’s are starting to put Mr. Biden aside. The analysts may cite other reasons. But the connections between Burisma and the Bidens and Mr. Trump’s ability to use that connection are probably the most important reason.

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit

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