In his Foundation series, SF author Isaac Asimove prophecized that democracy has a shelf life of two to three centuries. Then it falls in on itself, and society reverts to some kind of oligarchy. We just might be in that downward cycle.

I went to your 2016 piece. Trouble is that most of the 71m Americans who voted for Mr. Trump a couple of weeks ago won't be reading articles like this. And it seems they didn't.

I am more worried about the next populist leader, who will likely be smarter than Mr. Trump.

Medium has lots of writers blaming Mr. Trump and his supporters for the mess we are in. Rather we should be criticizing the current electoral systems. If they produced a phenoneman like Mr. Trump and cannot self correct, then it's time to admit the system is broken.

I propose a new system of governance. This system has no political parties. You might be interested.

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