In other internet forums I have participated in, I have found conservative thinkers not really being able to defend their ideology very well. For example, they believe getting rid of social assistance will result in “abusers of welfare” getting jobs. Well, some will. But more will engage in petty crime to make a living. And it will be more expensive to deal with the petty crime than whatever welfare payments we are currently making. But convervatives cannot see this connection. There is a good reason why they are not on Medium. They cannot defend themselves with logic.

I will quibble with the following point:

This iteration of conservatism is in a horrible death rattle, bankrupt of any ideas, propped up by an archaic electoral system that overrepresents their incoherent stream of riffraff.

Ms. Clinton got 65m votes; Mr. Trump got 62m votes. Most of those votes were based on his own merit. The Russian interference may have put Mr. Trump over the edge to win the EC, but Mr. Trump earned most of those votes by his own merit.

As much as most Medium readers do not like Mr. Trump, he was a viable contender in the 2016 election. To ignore that fact and put the blame on the EC is almost the same as saying the election was rigged. The EC will never give the presidency to a non-contender.

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit

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