Interesting article and responses. Just to further what Emily has said, we need alter our workplaces such that positive family life is more affordable. I have two ideas. The first is a Guaranteed Basic Income. People with families would get more support.

The second is to identify those occupations that pay well but take too much time away from family. For example, long-distance truckers spend one week a month at home and three weeks on the road. Maybe these occupations need to be divided into two positions, doing two weeks in, two weeks out. But this would be a massive social shift as society seems to value the bigger earners more than the smaller earners.

If men could spend more time at home, then their wives would be able to further their career (and family income).

I recommend reading a book called “Manna” by Marshall Bain. In summary, Mr. Bain paints two worlds as automation takes its toll on workers. One world puts discarded workers into warehouses. The second world gives income to all — and lets them do want they want. Some citizens of this second world choose to have big families — and they are financially supported for that choice.

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