Interesting article, designed to make a reader think. For example, if Brexiters were truly after sovereignty, did they really make the calculation that there would be a strong possibility of fewer economic opportunities for British people? Hmmmmm; I’m not so sure they weighed the pros and cons.

I have to agree that calling a significant demographic group as “imbecile” is not likely to move the world to a better place. When so called — rightly or wrongly — this group is going to tune out rather quickly.

If I were summarize this article, I would say that we have been taught that our own perspectives, opinions, and ideas are obviously superior to those perspectives, opinions, and ideas from those who we disagree with. Which then means we need not to listen to them and try to figure out where they came from.

There were quite a few responses against this article. I recommend reading the response from Mr. Perkins, who I believe outlined his position rather well.

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