Dave Volek
1 min readMar 20, 2024

It has been fascinating to watch this political player. He is addicting to both the left and right.

The picture you chose was quite monumental to me. Let me explain.

In July 2016, Mr. Trump was supposed to show up in a respectable fourth place in the Republican primary, drop out, and say "I tried." But he was in first place. I predicted that Mr. Trump had a really good shot at the presidency. Not many were saying this at this time.

In fact, I would surmise that the left-wing media and the DNC did what they could to ensure Trump would win the primary--because he was the most beatable candidate.

While I right then, the picture brings back a time when I was wrong. I really thought that the photo op--with all history that came before--made him look silly. And it insults Christianity. It was not hard to see that five million Republicans would not make the trip the polls because of that silliness. And that loss of votes should have given the D's an easy victory. Somehow, he found another 12m votes. So I was wrong.

I wrote a six-part series about what Americans should do to minimize the political violence that is most likely to happen after November 2024. Here is the first article:


But I hope I'm wrong about the violence.

Dave Volek

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