It is amazing at how the powerful tend to forget lessons from history.

I was on another forum that had a good balance of lefties and righties duking issues out. The righties just don’t get that the common man needs a sense of purpose; when that purpose is lost, they will revolt.

I was in Czechoslovakia shortly after the 1989 revolution. I always wondered why that population did not revolt en masse long before that. One of the social safety valves was the “right” to build your own house. The government provided building material for really cheap. A young family — with many friends and relatives — would spend three or four years of Saturdays building their house. When that house was built, the husband would then be obligated to help other families build their house. This house building gave a great sense of purpose to many young men — and kept most of them off the streets. In other words, the communists provided enough “purpose” to stay in power for a long time.

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