It is indeed a circus. The two parties are playing the game of managing soft support for November 2020. I have already written about this soft support contest as the real reason for the impeachment proceedings. I am finding it strange that many Medium readers do not understand the significance of soft support in elections AND seemingly do not want to learn.

The suggestions on how to fix this problem are indeed noble, but they will be ineffective. Even if Mr. Trump does lose in 2020, that social/political force in American politics is not going away soon. So the solution to vote D is really only a temporary bandage. The next populist leader might have some understanding of psychology and sociology — which will be dangerous.

I also fail to understand that many Medium readers seem to sweep the Hunter Biden issue under the rug. When I look at this man’s Wikipedia article, I see nothing that says he should be a corporate director anywhere. I can only surmise that he got this cushy job because of his father’s connections. And if Biden Jr. were that good of a director, would he not find some space on other American boardrooms?

If Mr. Biden is the D candidate, here is the whole campaign strategy for Mr. Trump: bring up the cushy job over and over and over and over. In time, this messaging will convince many soft D supporters not to make the trip to the voting booth.

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit

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