I’ve watched the series twice on cable TV long after it aired. It was an amazing series.

I didn’t make all the connections as this writer did. But I think the reason it failed is that it started too intellectual.

In the first couple of seasons of Battlestar Galactica (version 2), it was more or less a space western. Yes, there were underlying themes the writers to put in each episode, but nothing to overtly challenging for the average TV viewer. As the seasons went by, the story arc strengthened along with the questions about underlying nature of humanity. But then average TV were hooked.

I loved BSG’s prequel Caprica. But they went too intellectual too quickly. The “fickle” BSG fans left before they got hooked.

There was a strong message with Firefly the writers wanted to convey (and I did not come to the same conclusion as this reviewer). But it erred on challenging the viewers too much too soon.

Firefly should have had a longer life. So too should have Caprica.

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