Jim. We are living in the age of "alternative facts." We can find whatever we want to find--and it will seem credible, at least to us.

When I get to these kinds of discussions about which facts are indeed facts, I tend to solve things logically.

I posited that Foxx News would just love to report on evidence-based trueful stories about massive voter fraud. You said that they have a new owner who is a liberal, and he is stopping these kinds of stories from getting out. I kind of doubt this new owner really wants to compete directly with CNN and MSNBC: the profits are with USA's conservatives, which include the Trump base.

When I watch Foxx, I see a network that is very confused these days. If it continues with this charade, it will eventually be deemed as whacko journalism. But it still needs the audience it has built over the years to pay the bills. Some of that audience has already moved away. Not a good time to be an invester in Foxx, I would say.

The best thing they could do would be to do some investigative reporting to get that evidence. Then they would be media heros. They might be doing that; they might even find some really good stuff. But until then, I can't go along with stories that even Foxx won't report.

As I said, your points on "Mountains of Evidence" can all be easily debunked by counter logic. If the tallies are off by tens of thousands, you need to show those tallies--not just post them up on the internet.

And I would need evidence that is credible, not from some Republican poll watcher who probably doesn't understand how the electoral auditing is done.

But in the end, this evidence has to prove itself in a court of law. And I will remind you that the Trump legal team is 0 for 50 in this regard.

As I am from Canada, I am flummoxed at why Americans like to vote with machines. We just use a pencil and papers. However, I believe safeguards can be put into place to prevent fraud. One tool would be to conduct a dry run on each machine with 20 to 100 trials--with D and R poll watchers running. There maybe other ways. I'm pretty sure that rules have been developed and enhanced over the years.

And let's use some logic. If the D's somehow have gained access to tipple these machines in a D way, this means the R's are derelict in their duties to ensure the machines were working right. Mr. Trump had four years to fix this supposed mess. He didn't. Hmmmmmm.

As someone who was watched Canadian election results from the inside, your "spike" can be explained away quite easily. In Canada, polling stations cannot report the counts until several steps have been verified a preliminary correct tally. So what happens after a polling station closes is not much--for those of us on the outside. We watch anxiously the TV for results. Then a few poll results trickle in, then a few more. Then about an hour after polls close, a whole bunch come in at once. This is just the polling stations getting their reports done about the same time. I suspect something similar happens in the USA.

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit http://www.tiereddemocraticgovernance.org/tdg.php

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