Ken: Now that was perhaps one of the better reasons I’ve heard why this TDG won’t work.

Just to digress a bit, I had ambitions of becoming an elected politician. But I was at a cultural event, and as politicians are wont to do, our local Member of Parliament came for a visit his voters. He went from table to table and chatted with people. When he got to our table, he got comments about more money for hospitals and roads, coupled lower taxes. Go figure. He had to be nice to all those silly requests, for he was a backbench MP without a lot of influence. For some reason, our visit changed its focus. We found out that he had just come from a similar event, and after leaving us, he was going to another. All I could think was: “Doesn’t this guy ever put his feet up and watch the hockey game.” It was then I decided I wasn’t going to be an elected politician. I just don’t like dealing with people on a continual basis.

It takes a certain person to take on a political lifestyle. And I have to wonder if such a person just might be a bit insane, which should then disqualify them for the job. But . . . . .

All of your frustrations with public office at these low levels are real.

We really need to change this culture such that governance does find the better people and it is an enjoyable service for many.

And this is why I say the TDG, in its early and middle stages, really needs to stay away from topics of barking dogs and deficit financing. It needs to work on building its internal structures of governance. While doing so, it is building a new kind of decision making culture.

As that culture matures, the TDG can then start providing public commentary of various political issues. But the elected representatives must attain consensus before they speak as representing the TDG.

At this point, the TDG still has no formal authority or responsibility. The current institutions will still do their own decisions, but there will be a legitimate and wiser voice they should listen to to help them make those decisions.

Let me be 100% clear on this point: if the TDG does not develop its necessary culture, it will not be an improvement in governance. The whole task is pointless!

In the meantime, I would wager that building the TDG in your locality (if you can find like-minded people) would be more fun than your current involvement in society.

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit

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