Kenya. I was pretty sure you were going to respond, and your response was more thoughtful than I had anticipated. You are one of the few people I have encountered that has a good pulse on the state of politics.

Canada is not the only country that is suffering. All western democracies are suffering in the same way. The institution of the political party(ies) brings a lot of illness to governance. We have to get rid of the parties!!!!!!

but I think this is a big task to ask of young people in this instance — that’s way outside the box for most of them.

To me, this is a classic chicken-or-egg dilemma. Do we wait for the people to come to some sort of realization that western democracy is failing, then make the new system? Or do we start building the new system so we can show them what it looks like?

From 1986 to 1992, I spent a lot of spare time on the inside of a Canadian political party. I found many formal and informal contests of people climbing over each other to acquire a higher level of status, influence, and power. This creates a lot of internal dysfunctionality even if the people are still civil to each other. This dysfunction then spills into governance — and later into general society. This dysfunction is so great that the people are cowed into believing that another system cannot be built. The parties, as instinctual animals, will keep up this belief as they really don’t want to lose their hold on the people.

Towards the end of my journey in politics, I invented Tiered Democratic Governance. In 1997, I decided to put my thoughts down because there was no one offering real solutions. That was 22 years ago. Today’s recognized discourse solve politics is not much different than it was in 1997. There are no innovators out there.

Again I ask: Do we wait for the people to come to some sort of realization that western democracy is failing, then make the new system? From what I can see, the people have not come any closer to this realization in the past 22 years. I predict that if you continue making the kind of posts you are making today, the system is not going to reform itself. You will be making the same kinds of posts 25 years from now because nothing will have changed! All your posts will be for nothing.

Or you can read about a new system and how we can implement it? The TDG needs only 1% (or less) of the population start building it.

The book takes about three hours to read my book. The third version is a free read from my website. The fourth version is a $7 purchase from Kindle or Kobo. After reading it, you can make a proper evaluation.

One of the most frustrating things about promoting the TDG is that I have encountered more than a few people who seem to recognize western democracy is failing us, yet they cannot make the three-hour investment to hear of an alternative. But they spend three hours a week, week-after-week, writing internet articles about the “sky falling down.” I hope you are not one of them.

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit

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