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The Atlantic has put out some great articles and some mediocre articles on the state of the USA. But the Atlantic is short of solutions.

The title of this Atlantic's article is "The American System in Broken". If my wife told me "My car is broken," I would say "We should fix it. Let's take it to a mechanic." Strange that the Atlantic cannot go beyond a diagnosis, at best.

I took a look at some of your work. While being well written and logical, I too found it short of solutions.

We really can't get to where we need to go because the current political process is blocking our way. In my book, I have listed 12 limitations of western democracy. They are quite apparent in USA, a little less apparent in Canada, and even influence the workings of those "great" democracies in the Nordic countries. Until we get rid of these limitations, we won't be reaching our potential.

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