Kind of a cruel ending, I would say. But . . . .

I love Donald Trump for two different reasons:

  1. I have been working on alternative system of governance for 23 years. For the most part, there has not been much interest. So this project has been put on the shelf to collect dust three times. Each time I pulled it off, another round of failure was the result. The election of Mr. Trump in 2016 should have shown the USA and the rest of the world how fragile or foolish western democracy has become. I was hoping there would be more interest for my ideas in 2017, so it came off the shelf for the fourth time. But . . . .
  2. The USA should be thankful for the election of Mr. Trump. I see quite a few similarities between my four-year old son flitting from toy-to-toy in his daily play and Mr. Trump’s approach to politics. This man is just not very smart, thankfully. Just imagine another populist leader (who could come from the political left) who actually understands something about psychology and sociology and can assemble a talented team to take democracy past democracy. I’m pretty sure that future leader is or will be learning a few things of how Mr. Trump did things wrong. But are we really learning the right lesson?

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit

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