Thank you for your lengthy response. It is helping me put the pieces together on how to market this TDG.

If I were tighten up my last response to you, it would go like this:

Why are we talking about impeachment, when we should be talking about a system of governance where we shouldn’t have to consider impeachment?

23 words! Are you now enticed to go through my three-hour book?

If my last response did not convince you, I don’t think this shortened version will either. Please note that I specifically tailored my response to what you had written.

I’ve been on Medium for three months. Out of my 450 responses, at least 150 were directed at political articles, trying to challenge the original writer and the readers of investigating my new way. Many of these responses were just as short of the one above. Some were subtle (my link is in the byline). Some were blunt. Some were philosophical. All were tailored to the original article.

In essence, I have conducted 150 experiments on Medium to find a TDG “jingle” that gets political readers to read my book. And in the past two years, I have been active on about 20 other forums — and the result is the same. I just don’t think there is a 100-word ad copy that is going to work.

In February, I quit all internet forums and set myself to another way of marketing. In April, I ran into Medium for the first time: “This looks different, I’ll give that a try.” I am putting the finishing touches on my last Medium article; maybe tomorrow it will be posted (it is the only one I specially wrote for Medium).

Why can’t I find the words to convince people to give my ideas more consideration? I have some hypotheses:

  1. People recognize there is a big problem, but don’t really want to put in the effort to make the TDG work. While there is some truth to it, I don’t think my few readers have realized the work on their part to make the TDG work. So this hypothesis is not really tested.
  2. People recognize there is a big problem, and it can be resolved with conventional political solutions; for example, your impeachment suggestion.
  3. People believe the USA (and other western nations) are going downhill regardless, so there is no point in hearing about alternative systems. However, I am perplexed that if I thought this way, I would be spending my time sipping margaritas on the beach instead of writing articles about the inevitable collapse.
  4. The TDG is a low appeal subject (at this time). And it almost has be be that way for if the masses ever joined and bring their arrogant attitudes into the TDG, the TDG is doomed before it starts. In contrast, impeachment of Donald Trump is a high appeal subject and should get lots of attention. In essence, I am searching for the 1% of people who recognize the current system is failing AND would be willing to spend a few hours a month working for this social change AND would be willing to smooth out a few rough edges in their own character. I’m not sure this demographic hangs around online political forums.

A fellow from a G+ group I used to belong to had an interesting idea (he too never read my book). He said: “Why not a write a novelette about a few characters working together in the TDG?” When the TDG is presented as a nice fictional read, more people are more apt to understand the concept than from an academic style book. Given that internet forums are not working for me, this novelette is worth a try, right?

I got a little distracted with Medium, but soon I will be working on this novelette. I have a setting, main character, plot, and several conflicts already in mind. The novelette need not be high quality fiction, just an easy read that tells how the TDG works. It is within my current writing skills. I just need to map this story on paper, then hand it to my editor for some outside direction. But I really need to get some household repairs done. Maybe next week I can start writing.

Any insights would be appreciated. Thanks for letting me vent.

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit

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