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Umair Haque has just posted an interesting article about male dominance in our societies. Here is the link.

Go down a third of the way. Umair says:

Think of how different American women are to women in social democracies. They are the ones who are happy to go to frat parties. They try to please the culture of male violence much more so. They are famous for their plastic smiles. Think of the poor women of Faux News. They’re a pretty good example of the sisters of submission to the brotherhood of male violence — all makeup and peroxide and pleasing smiles.

To me, Umair is an interesting cat. Sometimes he is off the wall; other times he is so right on. In this paragraph, he is so right on.

If a woman goes to a frat party, she is asking for trouble. Why? Because half the guys there are wondering how to get girls drunk enough to take them to their rooms. The boys are plotting and pondering and preying for this to happen. They even work in teams for at least some of them to get their objective.

It won’t matter how much laws or morals or ethics the girls have on their side, this predation is the prime motive of these parties.

Why go to such an event in the first place? Just because you have the freedom?

By attending these kind of events and economies, women are complicit in the perpetuation of male violence in our societies. It doesn’t matter if the girl consents to sex later on in the night. It doesn’t matter if she has full intentions of not doing so, — and rebuffs all the guys that try to make a move on her. It doesn’t matter if she leaves the party intact. She has still contributed to a party that is predicated on male violence towards women.

Women have a choice to stay away from rape culture. Society will change if these choices are made. But as long as the predators have easy access to women, they won’t change.

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