Mr. Crawford

I read the transcript shortly after it was released. I’m not sure whether it was redacted or edited in any way. That would be the job of the inquiry. Unfortunately I haven’t followed the details much since that first letter. Just getting general news, which really is not enough.

I did not see a direct link in that transcript. Does this mean I have exonerated Mr. Trump? No, not really. His previous history suggests he is very capable of arranging for a quid pro quo — and making it seem he did not do so. If I were a betting man, I would even say a threat was implied — just like your mafioso example. But how to prove it in a court of law? That is a more difficult question.

And proof probably doesn’t matter. My understanding the constitution for impeach and conviction is that if Congress does not like the president because his dog peed on White House rugs, they can use that as an excuse. The removal of the president is a political, not legal, process.

— —

With the impeachment inquiry taking center stage of this circus, Mr. Biden is getting a free ride. Imagine this question being asked at a D primary debate:

Mr. Biden, how did your son get that job at the Ukrainian energy company when he has no experience in petroleum or electricity or Ukrainian corporate affairs or business in general?

But this question is not being asked, is it?

Mr. Trump is not the smartest person in the world. I would have sat on this question until the Mr. Biden won the D nomination. Then I would have brought it up over and over and over again in the campaign, like nothing else matters. Net result: enough soft support for the D’s would not bother to show up at the polls to affect the results much more than any Russian interference.

And it really would not matter whether Biden Jr did actually have some credentials for the job we just can’t see at this moment.

The D’s don’t want another 4 years of Mr. Trump, they have to ditch Mr. Biden. But they are not. Another sign the system is broken.

— — — —

BTW the way, I am reading that book you recommended last summer. I am finding the Chinese history of the slow oscillation of central government vs. patrimonial systems (with civil wars in between) quite fascinating.

What I am getting so far from this book is how important it is for TDG builders to consciously and deliberately know they are building something new and better — and not just leave any new system of governance to the chances of history.

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit

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