Mr. Crawford

The social/political force that vaulted Mr. Trump into high office has not gone away. The governor’s race in Kentucky has given a sight edge to the D side, but the fact remains that 48.8% of Kentuckians voted for a despicable governor who was openly supporting a despicable president. All the impeachment inquires and convictions in the world are not going to convince this group to vote otherwise. In their minds, the whole democratic process is tilted against Mr. Trump.

In 2015, 52.5% voted R in Kentucky. In 2019, 48.8% voted R. In the past four years of tumultuous politics, only 3.7% have seen the light. This Trump movement is far from extinguished.

There was no “blue wave” in the 2018 midterms. Historically, Congress usually goes moves slightly in the opposite direction of the president in the midterms. So this result was expected.

I would call 2018 midterm a failure on the D’s. They could not entice some of the 50% of those who usually do not vote to vote the D way. The Senate should have easily flipped, given the conduct of the president. In other times, it would have. But not in 2018.

The fact that Mr. Trump has appointed family and cronies to high positions won’t matter to the R Party. They have proven that they will condone anything Mr. Trump does. If Mr. Trump brings up Joe Biden’s son again and again and again (assuming Mr. Biden wins the nomination), there’s going to be a lot of soft D support staying home on election night.

The T support is strong. They will stand in line for hours and in bad weather if that is what it takes to cast a vote. If 10% of the D support decides to drive by the polling station because the lineups look long, or their kids are late for basketball practice, or they had a hard day at work or . . . . , 2020 goes to Mr. Trump — — — because much of the D support is soft. They can be convinced to stay away from the polls. And a vote not cast in the D way is almost as good as a vote for the R’s. Negative political advertising and campaigning have proven to weaken the drive of the soft supporters of the opposing political party. Mr. Trump knows what he is doing.

The D’s getting a few extra percentage points in the Kentucky elections is not a sign of a massive national awakening.

THe D’s can’t afford Mr. Biden and his son. All the Chris Crawford cavillings that Hunter Biden had a legitimate purpose on that board of directors won’t change the mind of the soft D support who see the elites having a favored position in society.

In case you haven’t seen this article about the new American democracy, here is the link:

This article explains today’s America to me better than anything else. Most high ranking R’s and D’s belong to this aristocracy.

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit

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