Mr. Crawford

There are at least 60m Americans who disagree with you. They think Mr. Trump is their savior. Foolish as they may seem, voting for Mr. Trump is their right. Unless you want to ban them . . . .

You fail to put yourself in the shoes of the less committed voters (called soft support). Not everyone is going to charge to the polls as you or your average Trump supporter. When a party takes charge of managing its soft support, it will win close elections.

When a party engages in negative advertising, it is trying to convince the soft support of the other side not to vote. An effective negative campaign can also win close elections. Otherwise they would not do it.

As for me, morals are high. Last provincial election, I voted for a party I had never voted before. Why? Because they were in government for four years and stayed out any serious scandal. I didn’t care about their ideology. That is my right to vote for that reason.

America has 250 m voters. How many of those think like me? 1m? 2m? 3m? It may be small, but that’s enough to flip a presidential election in the USA. By electing Mr. Biden, the Democrats are assuming the vote from my demographic is going the D way anyways — just like they did in 2000. No, this demographic is going to stay home on election day. Mr. Biden has less baggage than Mr. Trump, but he still has baggage. THe D’s made a choice; live with the consequences.

By all means, encourage them to vote. But don’t demean their desire for wanting to stay away from the polls. THey have good reasons.

As I have said in an earlier post, having Mr. Trump for another four years might not be a bad idea. He’s got a big mess to clean up without talents for cleaning it up. If that does not deflate the Trump base, then it’s time to light my hair on fire.

Seldom does history turn on a single battle. There are actions before the battle that set the stage. And there are actions after the battle.

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit

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