Mr. Petersen

Here’s my challenge to you. Listen carefully.

Mr. Ferry is using a campaign strategy that has proven to be effective: ad hominem attacks on your opponents. Not only does this negative campaigning gets more attention for the accuser, it also casts a negative shadow on the accused. If the negative shadow is cast far enough, many people who would be soft support for Dr. Lundquist could be convinced not to take the trip to the polls.

Obviously you have paid a lot of attention to this local race. But most voters have not. They know neither Mr. Ferry nor Dr. Lundquist very well. They know they really can’t make a wise choice with all the noise to confuse and contuse the campaign which will not make much sense to most voters. How do voters really know that Dr. Lundquist is good and Mr. Ferry is evil?

From what you have told me, I would put my money on Mr. Ferry winning the election. At the very least, he is a formidable enough opponent. It doesn’t matter you think he is unworthy of the job. He is likely to get it.

Have you ever wondered how we got to this state of affairs?

Have you ever wondered how we are going to get out of this state of affairs?

It’s time for a new system of governance. It’s time for the TDG.

If Mr. Ferry wins, maybe that will convince you that we need to build a new way.

If Dr. Lundquist wins, don’t assume the problem is solved.

You put this article on Medium for reasons I cannot understand right now. It is doubtful voters in your area would stumble onto this article, let alone change their voting decision. Think about that.

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit

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