Mr. Trump's Facebook campaign team managed the soft support of Ms. Clinton very well. I wrote about it a while back:

But the D's were thinking there is no way they could lose to Mr. Trump. So they weren't paying much attention. Maybe they have learned a few lessons since then.

Your 27% popular vote figure may indeed be correct to win an election. But it would involve a result that the red states votes 51-49 to the R's and the blue states votes something like 75-25 to the D's. But this is statistically not going to happen, especially over 50 states.

Shifting the presidential vote from the electoral college to popular vote will not fix politics in the USA. Mr. Trump was a viable contender in 2016. He was a viable contender in 2020 until he did that Bible photo op thing in front of the church. He may still pull a rabbit out the hat, but more likely the D's might screw things up.

Rather than blame the EC, many people should try to figure out why Mr. Trump got 62m votes in the first place.

Nebraska and Maine have devised systems to distribute their EC votes more fairly. The fact that 48 other states cannot do this means speaks to the political rigidity of the USA. Remember the last amendment to the constitution happened 50 years ago. This is not a sign of government institutions not being able to change with the times.

It is time for a new way: Tiered Democratic Governance.

BTW, I agree that Mr. Trump is not going to leave the White House willingly. And there will be small groups of his supporters engaging in terrorist acts for some time. Hopefully the people who are planning to take over from Mr. Trump are already drafting plans for that. But don't be surprised with knee-jerk reactions.

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit

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