My take on American history is that the Founding Fathers intended the president to be a kind of caretaker of the laws created by Congress. Teddy Rooseveldt was the first president to really put more power into the position. But certainly Jackson and Lincoln knew how to push the limits.

I was not able to put all the pieces together before and even during the insurrection. I thought that this was o protest that got out of control. But a day after, everything became more clear. I believe this was an intentionally engineered event to lead to marshal law. This means Mr. Trump is smarter than I thought he was.

If you have some time, watch a documentary called "Hypernormalization 2016." It talks about events like this that are deliberately engineered for a specific social/political outcome. Again, Mr. Trump might be smarter than I thought he was.

The question is: If the authorites knew of this possibility, why weren't more police present? It almost seems the management of the Capitol police were in on the plan. I await the investigation. Unfortunately, if it implicates some high ranking civil servants, 74m Americans will declare it a witchhunt.

My article has been posted for 24 hours. It has 11 readers, with 3 fans. You are the only to comment. It might break 30 in a couple of weeks. Then maybe 40 in three months. That is a little higher than my average article. But still nothing to justify the 4-6 hours for me to put that article together.

I will not be on Medium much longer.

I still don't think putting new words into the Consitution will stop the next Trump. And I doubt political pressure to "force" Congress to do something about the next Trump will work.

It is time for a new kind of democracy.

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit

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