Nice platitudes. So how do we average people move from HERE to THERE?

I guess I could write to my district attorney to put Mr. Trump on charges of crimes against humanity, but that won’t go far. Even if several million of did this.

Unfortunately all these Umair articles are not likely to find their way to the audience that needs to hear them — then be convinced that something is indeed wrong.

But here’s what you can do RIGHT NOW!

  1. Read DIARY OF A FUTURE POLITICIAN. This is a story of what average Umair readers can do to build a new democracy.
  2. If you believe this is a plausible story, read TIERED DEMOCRATIC GOVERNANCE, which explains this new democracy in more detail.
  3. If you believe this is a goal worth striving for, then let your online and offline social circles know about your find. The TDG needs only 1% of the population to start building.
  4. Then get to work. Talk to your neighbors about setting up your local TDG. It needs only 10 hours a month of your time!

Umair readers, the future is in your hands.

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit

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