Niko: Dakujem vam pre vas dobre slovo.

(My Slovak is a little rusty, but I think you will understand).

It will take me at least 4 months to put my entire book on Medium. If you want to read it sooner than later, here is the link:

In Canada, the political parties and the provinces seemed quite united in their fight against Covid-19, which was a good thing. But cracks are starting to appear. The bickering is starting again.

What got me concerned is the development of so many social programs. Usually these programs take years to create with due parliamentary process, yet we made these programs in a couple of weeks. I also fear that Canada has really increased its money supply, which will have a negative impact on our economy later. Neither is good for democracy.

In another Medium article, I have described how unprepared the western world was for a pandemic.

Unfortunately, the Medium algorithms are not kind to me. This article--and nearly all my other articles--have not gone past 50 views. And article like this would have generated a lot of discussion in other internet forums I have belonged to, but not on Medium.

And yes, I have spent time on other forums to market the TDG. While I can generate discussion on social and political issues, I was not successful in getting people interested in the TDG.

Currently, I am advertising on BING. I can get 100 Americans a week to my website, but I'm not seeing them read much about the TDG.

And I have been sending out printed copies of my new book "Diary of a Future Politician" to various celebrities and organizations. We shall see in a month or so.

So I have been marketing--for 23 years! Always trying something different. Different website layouts, rewrite the book, put into ebook format, TDG comic book, etc. etc. etc.

The way this TDG is going to grow is organic! People who think this TDG idea needs more attention should recommend to their friends, family, and colleagues. I found about 10 cheerleaders for the TDG on Medium, but I haven't seen any of them take the TDG to this next step.

Until this happens, I can't see the TDG moving forward. I will continue to "market" in other ways, but past history says these ways do not work well. I have only so much money and time.

And the world has only so much time. Our current political leaders really don't know how to solve these problems.

So consider sending a message to your Croatian and English-speaking friends. Maybe write a Medium article about your view of the TDG.

Thanks for interest in the TDG and commenting on post #14.

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit

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