Now there’s an innovation in democracy. This paragraph says a lot:

We’re also reminded that running for president and actually doing the job require vastly different skill sets. Tarmac rallies serve no purpose in grasping the nuances of foreign affairs. Corn dogs and baby kissing are useless in times of crisis. In no other industry is a job interview process so detached from the work itself.

I have stated this feature of democracy in another way: Comparing electioneering skills with governing skills is like the skills for driving an average car and the skills for driving a transport truck. Yes, there are a few useful things learned while driving a car can help the transport truck driver. But there is no way we would allow a car driver to drive a truck without some kind of proof he can can handle that truck.

I hope this article is on the satirical side.

But the real solution is a different system of governance where future governors learn their skills at the lower levels. I believe that before a high level governor should be part of lower-level decisions, such as whether to put a $200,000 crosswalk on a busy street, before he starts negotiating international trade treaties. In other words, if he cannot collaborate on the former, he is unlikely to collaborate on the latter.

Check out Tiered Democratic Governance.

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit

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