On a per capita basis, Canada has one-half the Covid deaths as the USA. We could say we Canadians are doing better than Americans. But we too botched the playbook.

There were no warehouses of medical supplies for a possible pandemic. Hospitals were caught off guard.

Although it's easy to armchair quarterback after the game, International flights should have been banned around January 1. Just for one month to learn more about this illness. We didn't--because the politicans just can't make that kind of decision at the right time.

And even today in Canada, many, many Canadians refuse to wear a mask in a public forum---despite all our politicians telling them to do so. That shows the respect Canadians have for their political leaders and the experts who are guiding them.


As much as you believe Covid-19 is a harbinger of Trump administration of being able to handle climate change, I see Covid 19 as a harbinger of the inability of western democracy to handle our increasingly complex world. It's not Mr. Trump's fault he got elected. The system needs to criticized. WE NEED TO BE GOVERNED DIFFERENTLY.

I think I've talked to you before about Tiered Democratic Governance. I invite you and your readers to read my book.


In this book, we do not wait for the politicians to do things for us. We have to do them ourselves. Early TDG builders will need to spend about 10 hours a month to start things off. Those 10 hours will be more effective in changing the world than writing articles about Mr. Trump.

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