One of Umair's better articles that goes beyond his usual dystopic vision of the world. There might be something useful to learn.

To digress, I was watching CNN a couple of days ago. CNN took some of Donald Trump's money to run his presidential ad. The ad was about burning in the streets if Joe Biden is elected as president.

Here I like to play a little game with myself: who was this ad targeting? Here are the six options to choose from:

1. The strong Trump supporters

2. The soft Trump supporters

3. The strong D supporters

4. The soft D supporters

5. The fickle voters

6. The traditional non-voters.

The nature of this ad was quite bizarre. I concluded that it was mostly targeted to the first group.

But this group is already voting for Mr. Trump. There is nothing for the Trump campaign to gain by running this ad on CNN or anywhere else.

I suspect big boss had his hand in developing this ad and told people to spend lots of money on it. But this ad shows how much out of touch with reality he really is. No one will any political sense would run this ad.

This ad is, dear Umair readers, is a sign of a campaign going down in flames. It all started with a Bible being held in front of a church. 108m Americans did not vote in 2016. I think many of them will be coming out of the woodwork in November. I am now predicting a landslide victory.

But what about after this turnaround?

If the American system of governance can put elect an inept authoritarian as president, it can certainly elect a competent authoritarian as president. This fellow (or gal) will understand something about psychology and sociology. He/she will learn from Mr. Trump's failed attempt at authoritarianism. He/she will know how to put together a more competent team together. In other words, this person will be smart.

This person could manipulate institutions of governance to his or her own liking, including postponing elections and putting Umair in jail.

So, Umair readers, if we really don't want all of Umair's prophecies of this article to come true 10 or 20 years later, we have to look at new ways of governance. Tinkering is not fixing. Your choice!

Tiered Democratic Governance

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit

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