Part of me says not to bother responding to this post. But for the sake of a future investigation of my character, I will leave this response.

I was never a member of a fraternity or had any interest in joining one. Seemed too elitist for my liking. So calling me a “frat boy” is totally inappropriate.

I never attended any frat parties. But I knew a few frat brothers: the main purpose of their parties was to get girls drunk enough to take them upstairs to have casual sex with them. We can argue how consensual those sexual encounters were.

I did attend other university parties that were both alcohol and sexually charged. Couples did pair off for a liason. Part of me wanted to be a player, part of me not. But I was socially awkward with the opposite gender: I had a hard time getting dates, let alone getting laid.

I did attend nightclubs as a young person. For unskilled players, this lifestyle is hard to find success. I eventually quit going.

I did attend a few strip clubs in my youth, mostly be dragged into the club as a result of peer pressure. I found it very uncomfortable for women to be taking her clothes off in front of me. And both I and the stripper knew this was just an act. She was never going to have me. I thought: “Why tease myself with this woman?”. It didn’t take me long to lose this lifestyle.

Likewise with porn. I didn’t see much use in this recreation.

I made the choice to keep my libido somewhat in check to not partake in strip clubs and porn. I recognize that men who do partake in these activities often acquire an attitude of sexual entitlement over women. If any of these men ever get caught in a metoo encounter outside the strip club or porn venue and go through a whole whack of legal problems , I will say to them — even if they are found to be innocent:“you brought this on yourself by putting yourself into a culture of sexual predators. What you take in with your eyes eventually becomes part of your psyche.”

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit

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