Point 1: We are a long ways from understanding the economic effects of Sweden vs. the rest of the world. For example, Canada has vastly increased its money to build social programs to cover the shutdown. We have no idea of what the long-term economic implications are.

I would also say that Sweden, being a small country, relied a lot of imports to keep its economy going. If those supply lines were cut because of Covid outside of Swenden, that probably caused more economic loss because Covid inside of Sweden.

Sorry, I could not get to the link because of a paywall. But the media has its own herd mentality pretending Covid-19 is another bubonic plague.

Point 2: 60% is probably correct. Some analysts say only 2% of us have been infected. Others say 7%. We probably have a long way to go.

And the experts are not too sure how long immunity will last. It looks like only a few years at best. Then we can get Covid-19 again.

Point 3: I would like some stats on Covid deaths on those who are overweight and smokers.

CBC reported that 94% of Canadian deaths were from people aged 60 or over. Then that fact disappeared from the news feed. The media really want to portray this disease as everyone's disease, when it is not.

Point 4: Probably true. But try making this point about the long term effects of venereal disease, and then we step into the realm of political correctness.

Point 5: Same as point 4

I believe Sweden has handled this situation better than the rest of the west. But there will be many more studies to come from Sweden's experience. Maybe we will learn something for the next pandemic. We can thank Sweden for going against the grain.

I believe western governments were not ready for this pandemic. Where were the warehouses of hospital supplies? Where were the well-thought out social programs to pull off the shelf when a pandemic hits? This is the real "crime". Blaming Sweden is not going to move us forward.

It's time for a new way of governance.


Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit http://www.tiereddemocraticgovernance.org/tdg.php

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